Nutritional Beverage Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

Published By : 29 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The past year has seen companies producing paleo brownies, gluten-free pizzas, and nondairy milks to keep up with and market every dietary fad. Every new item that was seen on the shelves in the grocery aisles reached there because there was a demand for it. While some of these foods disappear after a short time, others become a part of regular diets. 

Listed below are some of the new food trends for the next year, as predicted by a dietitian. 

  • Processed foods right from breads to Cheerios have been bragging about added proteins on their label. Even though protein is needed to build bones and muscles, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle, excess protein is not required. 
  • Ancient grains such as kamut, farro, amaranth, and spelt are some of the most popular ancient grains that are being sold as ingredients in bread, yogurt, and cereal, or as rice replacements.
  • Cold brew coffee will gain popularity. Lovers of cold brew say that their coffee has a smoother and mellower taste. Moreover, this cup of joe has lower acidity, which is an added advantage for those who have issues with acid reflux. Specialty cold brew systems and bottled versions are already for sale and other drinkers prefer making it at home. 
  • Fruit flavored sparkling water is a better and healthier alternative to sugar sweetened soft drinks. They offer taste and fizz without the calories. Major brands such as Coca Cola’s Dasani and LaCroix have created their own flavors and products.
  • Switchel and kombucha are two new functional drinks that are gaining popularity. Kombucha is rich in probiotics and is traditionally made at home. However, it is now available in commercial stores nationwide. Switchel is like nature’s energy drink, and is cheap and easy to make at home. However, switchel is also available in select stores.
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