Novo Nordisk Launches Combination Diabetic Drug Ryzodeg in India

Published By : 20 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Novo Nordisk, Denmark-based pharmaceutical company, launched a diabetic drug in India named Ryzodeg. The combination drug will be priced at INR1595 for 300 units and is applicable to those with Type 2 diabetes in India. Other than India, Ryzodeg will also be sold in countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Aruba, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, EU, Iceland, Israel, Macedonia, Mexico, Norway, South Korea, Russia, and Switzerland.

Mads Bo Larsen, Novo Nordisk Corporate VP for Business Area Africa, Gulf, and India stated, there are about 65.1 million diabetic people, making the country rank number second on the diabetes world map. In such a state, Novo Nordisk is exceptionally happy to launch its new drug that will reinforce the company’s commitment to ensure that it offers the best possible healthcare solutions to doctors in India.

Melvin Oscar D’Souza, MD for Novo Nordisk in India stated that the company has been engaged in fighting diabetes for over 90 years. Novo Nordisk has been developing innovative drugs and products to offer the best possible healthcare solutions to the doctors who in turn help the patients in better disease management.

Ryzodeg is a combination drug that is made of two insulin analogues namely insulin degludec and insulin aspart. The combination of drugs is in the ratio of 70% to 30% respectively.

With a huge population base, genetic predisposition, and poor lifestyle choices incidences of diabetes are on the rise in the Indian subcontinent. This disease is market by high blood sugar levels which either occurs due to body’s inability to process insulin or produce it.

The Denmark-based company, Novo Nordisk has 41,000 employees in 75 countries and it sells its products to about 180 countries across the world.
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