Novel Way Discovered By a Hong-Kong Based Entrepreneur for Detecting Toxins

Published By : 29 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The scandal of melamine on the territory in 2008 saw six infants the die and 300,000 fell because of the toxic milk polluted with a mechanical synthetic. That, alongside the utilization of supposed gutter oil in preparation of food, has prompted such doubt in territory sustenance organizations that numerous families now search out imported items, incorporating some purchased in Hong Kong. Present instruments deployed for food testing, as stated by Eric Chen Zixiang, just uncover around 30 percent of poisons. 

With the help of his vibrant firm, Vitargent (International) Biotechnology, Chen is achieving an insurgency in the way food, beautifying agents and different items are tried for toxins. The enthusiastic previous City University student, 27, really mulled over designing and promoting. Chen had established his firm at the Science Park in Sha Tin. It is profiting from a four-year project which is maintained by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, which gives a business system and a research center for the participating bodies. The Science Park has nominated Chen for the Innovating for Good Award in the current year's Spirit of Hong Kong Awards, composed by the South China Morning Post. 

The innovation was being made at City University, he says. One of the researchers included, Dr Chen Xueping, went along with him. Two different students came for assisting Vitargent kick off, however later proceeded onward to lucrative occupations in the finance business, a move they potentially now lament, he added. In the interim, Chen indicated immense determination in unlimited gatherings with investment firms to get financing for his testing strategy. 

At last, not long ago, Vitargent finished a deal with WI Harper Group, whose originator and chairman Peter Liu has now turn into Vitargent's chairman. Chen is additionally meeting expectations with various foo and cosmetic firms, which are utilizing the strategy of embryo-testing.
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