North Koreas Nuclear Arsenal Could Rise by the Time Obama Leaves Office

Published By : 14 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Siegfried S. Hecker - a senior fellow and former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, an affiliated member at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation has visited North Korea many times over the past decade. According to him in the next two years, North Korea is expected to have enough stock of fissile material in order to build a nuclear arsenal of nearly 20 weapons.   

He believes that it is the dearth of Chinese pressure, indecisive South Korean policies and nuclear policies of the past five US presidents that has allowed North Korea to expand in the nuclear industry and reach an advanced point.  

Hecker says the planning of arsenal in North Korea is primed for even greater growth and achievements. So, by the time the president leaves office, North Korea could have an arsenal of 20 nuclear weapons and may conduct another nuclear test too. Pyongyang is likely to have around 12 nuclear weapons with a manufacturing capacity of nearly four to six bombs.   

In his unstinting assessment about the North Korea’s program, he mentioned that the state was preventing itself from becoming a nuclear weapon state in the five US administrations. Several efforts were conducted through various combinations of threats, diplomacy, sanctions, and ultimatums - all of which failed. Even the George W. Bush had failed miserably in the past so as the Obama administration has done as badly in the recent times. 

North Korea has certain programs that it has been progressing into the defense industry through research and various weapons. Centrifuge is a second method of creating a nuclear blast.

North Korea’s constant efforts to push for deployable nuclear weapons have increased the threats to its neighbors, Pyongyang and also the world at large. In October 2014, the US general had said that Pyongyang will miniaturize the nuclear weapons and place nuclear weapons on top of missiles or rockets. 

In the meantime, North Korea has its on-going development on submarines equipped with road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile layouts and ballistic missile tubes. 

Although these technologies are in an under developing phase, the successful launch of these platforms is to be beyond North Korea’s present capabilities.
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