North Korea Launches Short Range Missiles Ahead of Annual U.S.-South Korea Military Exercises

Published By : 02 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

North Korea has fired two short-range missiles from its east coast on Monday, according to South Korean officials, which is a being considered a defiant response to the annual military exercises being held between South Korea and the United States. The missiles launched by North Korea also observed a quick protest from South Korea’s neighboring nation Japan.

The firing was observed some hours before the South Korea and United States military exercises were scheduled to commence, drills which are denounced by the secretive North Korea as a preparation for war.

The missiles that were fired by North Korea had hit the sea early this Monday morning after they travelled for nearly 305 miles or 490 km, according to the defense ministry of South Korea.

South Korea Defense ministry spokesperson Kim Min-seok said that North Korea had fired the missiles without delegating any no-sail zones, which was considered a provocative action.

Kim said in a news briefing that if North Korea continues taking provocative actions, the South Korean military will project firm and strong reactions so that North Korea will regret its actions deeply.

Pyongyang has said about its expression against the drills that Washington and Seoul will be dealt only with merciless strikes. 

Japan was quick to lodge a protest with North Korea over the latest missile launches by North Korea, stating that the missile launches posed a serious threat to the safety of the sky and the sea.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga stated in a news conference that the missiles launched by North Korea are a very problematic issue in terms of the safety of aviation and navigation.  Also, Japan has launched a quick protest with North Korea regarding its actions. 
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