Nicaragua on the Way to Becoming Renewable Energy Haven

Published By : 13 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Nicaragua has no place in the pantheon of oil-producing countries. It has no terrestrial or offshore petroleum reserves. However, Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America is blessed with the tropical sun, stormily quick winds, and active volcanoes. While these factors would make life difficult in any other region, Nicaragua is turning to them to forge an identity as a leading pioneer in green energy. Long-awaited administrative encouragement to the development of these abundant natural resources is turning Nicaragua into a renewable energy paradise, the vast majority of whose electricity is expected to come from renewable resources within the next two decades.

The plentiful access to the Pacific and Atlantic (Caribbean Sea) Oceans on the country’s western and eastern coasts, respectively, provide Nicaragua with abundant wind energy. The giant Lake Nicaragua also aids wind energy infrastructure massively.

In fact, the country’s largest wind farm, the Amayo wind farm, lies on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. According to Javier Pentzke, the farm’s manager, the access to the Caribbean Sea makes the region perfectly suited to wind energy harvesting, as it creates a tunnel effect for steady, adequate gust of wind. The wind speeds in the area are perfect for three-blade wind turbines installed in Lake Nicaragua.

Nicaragua was and still is in many parts a country with no access to continuous electricity, a country relying entirely on imports of nonrenewable energy to satisfy its needs, a country where both the economy and daily life could never get going due to the constant disruptions in energy supply.

However, the government took up the massive job of actualizing the country’s enormous potential in renewable energy production in 2005, and the Caribbean country has never looked back since. Thanks to the government support, thankfully as consistent as the power supply was once erratic, the country seems set to become an example to impoverished countries all over the world.
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