News Corp Acquires VCCircle Network

Published By : 10 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

News Corp officially signed an agreement to adopt VCCircle Network. 

VCCircle Network includes VCCircle Training,, VCCEdge,, and other premium content-driven conference business, commented global media giant in a press statement. 

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed; however they are expected to close in March.  

This agreement is a sheer sign of faith in India’s bright future. It also assures the enthusiasm for building up new talents and working with them in the country, added the Chief Executive at News Corp. 

India as a country is an extremely significant part of the portfolio. The country is increasingly going digital and global at a rapid pace.    

In the past decade, News Corp has built a strong empire of franchise with information, content, proprietary data, and networking capabilities in India’s digital business world, added founder and chief executive officer of VCCircle Network. Such aspects will boost the plans. 

VCCircle Network has around 100 employees in India and is owned by Mosaic Media Ventures. It has its headquarters in Noida. The chief executive officer and the management circle of VCCircle Network plan to collaborate with the India’s team for future business. 

News Corp’s got hold of 25 percent stake in in November. It is a leading residential real estate platform online. However, News Corp also acquired in December that helped Indian consumers become more interactive in their financial decisions. It also helped them make smarter decision-making tools powered by high-tech data and algorithms. The company’s presence fans across India through Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, and Harper Collins Publishers businesses. 
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