New Wearable Band to Enable Tracking that Lasts over a Week

Published By : 28 Jun 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The idea of technology that can track children or aged people with the help of a wearable band was not coined recently. However, devices currently available in the market only partially fulfill the concern as they do not have a great battery life. New Snapdragon Wear 1200 chips by Qualcomm is aimed to fix the issue by reaching a middle-ground between fitness band and high-end smartwatch.

Qualcomm Gearing to Offer Significant Update over Previous Tracking Chips

A spokesperson representing Qualcomm at the Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai announced that the new chip will use LTE_IoT, which promises to be more efficient than standard cellular network doing rounds in the market currently.

However, the technology is yet to become widespread. Nevertheless, the regional footprint of the technology will increase sooner than expected, following which it will be able to connect trackers to cellular network. Furthermore, this connection is expected to last way longer than any of its predecessors. Qualcomm’s launched the Snapdragon Wear 1100 in 2016. This was its previous generation of connected chips aimed to cater elderly trackers and kid watches. However, the version require more frequent charging.

Contrary to this, the new chip functions at a lower bandwidth IoT network, which invariably increases its battery life. Therefore with the novel technology the watches can be used for nearly a week ones it has been charged to the full capacity. In some cases it may last even longer. Furthermore, the new model will support a more power-efficient standby mode, without losing connection to Wi-Fi, GPS, and cell towers.

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