New Water Purifiers to Produce Safe and Clean Drinking Water, Expected to Propel Global Water Purifier Market

Published By : 25 Mar 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With many water-borne diseases affecting thousands of people every year, the awareness towards healthy living has increased. Drinking safe and pure water is the need of the hour. Governments of many nations are trying their best to provide clean and safe water to their citizens. Leading manufacturers of water purifiers are taking efforts to introduce good quality water purifiers in the global market. The rising water-borne illness, health consciousness, and the increasing demand for water purifiers have propelled the global water purification market in the recent past. 

Modern Water Purifiers are Designed for Enhanced Water Purification

  • Since the past few years, the methods of water purification have improved tremendously. With many new water purification methods introduced, people are able to drink safe and pure water.
  • Water purifiers, other than purifying water for drinking purpose, also produce water for many other purposes such as medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and for industrial applications.
  • Some of the enhanced methods of water purification are water filtration, activated carbon, sedimentation, distillation, chlorination, and the usage of electromagnetic radiation. 
  • Nowadays, membrane filters are widely used to filter sewage and drinking water. 

Local governments of various countries and international standardization authorities are playing a lead role in establishing the standards for water purification. Going forward, the global water purifier market is expected to register a steady growth due to the introduction of new enhanced water purifiers. The rapid growth of the population has resulted in a large amount of water pollution, especially in urban areas. The presence of many industries and manufacturing units have increased the levels of water purification globally. This calls for the need to have good quality water purifiers to produce safe and pure drinking water. 

The unevenness of availability of safe and fresh drinking water, particularly in the urban areas, has forced countries to depend on ocean water, which has led to the increased demand for water desalination procedures. All these factors are expected to contribute towards the growth of the global water purifier market in the years to come. Gravity water purifiers, UV purifiers, and RO purifiers are the types of water purifiers that are expected to register maximum demand across the globe in the years to come.   

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