New V2 Spectacles Launched by Snapchat Provide Enhanced Features

Published By : 27 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Snapchat has come up with its latest version of spectacle devices, which provide a plethora of promising features for the consumers. The spectacles named V2, are said to be better than their V1 predecessors, and sport a slimmer frame. These devices also come with a charging case, thereby making them perfectly portable to use.

Excitement builds Up over Snapchat’s Newest Gadget

Snapchat is going to launch its V2 sunglasses today, which are priced for a decent US$150. The cost might be fairly expensive compared to other similar devices present in the market. However, the gadgets are already being given the title of a wearable camera, wherein they are not only stylish, but also are convenient to use and handy. Compared to the V2, the predecessors had limited functionality, and displayed weird hues to their colors.

These devices are only available on Snapchat’s app and website, and there are no plans to launch them through any other platform. Along with this launch, users having the V1 spectacles will be getting a firmware update, which lets them take photographs. The spectacles showcase small circles of white lights, while they are in their recording phase. However, the small permanent yellow ring on the corner, which as present in V1 glasses, has now been removed. In its place, a camera lens has been added.

The built quality is substantially sturdy, and after being zipped up in their case, users can keep them in their pockets too. Compared to the earlier version, the charging port has been moved to the side. The hardware has been improved too, consequently enabling the users to use a long battery life and a large memory storage. At least 70 videos can be transferred over a week by using the Spectacles by using a normal charge. Four extra charges can be carried in the case too.

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