New Tiers to Be Launched By Airbnb to Target High-end Customer

Published By : 23 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Airbnb is launching new features to their home-booking system. These additions include new tiers that intend to target higher-end customers, which supposedly are called Beyond by Airbnb and Airbnb Plus.

New Additions Mark Winds of Change for Airbnb

The new tiers rolled out by Airbnb showcase homes that are verified for quality and comfort. These features are spread across at least 2000 homes, which have passed through a thorough checkup and inspections. The luxury tier, Beyond by Airbnb provides facilities such as luxurious hospitality, customized experience, and luxurious homes. Most of these homes target better hospitality as compared to the associated facilities received under normal Airbnb segments.

From an overall perspective, the luxury tiers offer customers a unique and sophisticated experience, equivalent to luxury hotels and other high-end staying options. The customers can thus aim at getting their expectations come true, which would otherwise be possible only by booking high-end resorts. These tiers are best options for businessman who frequently travel, and other globe-trotting individuals, who might be accustomed to stay at substantially lavish places. Customers like these who have accumulated many reward points based on their stays in different placed can gain maximum benefits by opting for these new tiers being launched by Airbnb.

Apart from the launch of these tiers, Airbnb is also launching new ways to refine their property searching features. Vacation homes, Boutique, B&B, and unique spaces are some of the areas where this refinement is being planned. All these exist on the same platform, but weren’t segmented until the recent updates. In this way, Airbnb aims to streamline its classification of homes, and hopes to maintain a leading stance in the community-driven sector. Based how the tiers will be embraced by the customers, there are two main benefits of these updates. The first benefit involves customized homes as well a variety of options to choose from. The second benefit deals involves bringing highly remote places into the picture.

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