New Templates in the Form of Updates Launched for Lens Studio

Published By : 18 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Exactly a year back, Snap had announced that launch of Lens Studio, a platform that could help developers create various AR lenses for Snapchat. Currently, the company has now several announced new features for Lens Studio, which includes seven brand new templates for creating face lenses.

The Expanding World of Snap Lens Studio

Before the current updates, users could only make 3D AR objects without overlaying AR experiences over respective faces. However, the recent updates are highly beneficial to developers, as they can create Face Lenses with seven different templates to choose from. The first template called Face Paint and it makes users mainly focus on face substitution. Mapping of facial features is possible with the help of this template, wherein facial parts such as lips and noses can be created in high detail. This template is highly beneficial in case of makeup-based processes and other activities involving use of cosmetic accessories.

The Photo template enables users to overlay lenses on a solo static/head on photograph. Feature-wise, this template is very similar to the Face Paint. The Distort template has the ability to shrink and stretch facial features, thus helping developers change the form and shape of a face. The fourth template called Trigger helps developers create an action having the same name, viz. ‘trigger’. Such actions mainly are raising eyebrows, blinking, and opening/closing the mouth to execute a lens. The 2D object template enables developers to create 2D objects that can get overlaid on a picture or a video.

The 3D objects template in a similar way as of the 2D objects, the only addition involving incorporation of 3D dynamics. An animator or developer can create looping animations on 3D objects with the help of this template. The last template called Baseball Cap, as the name suggests helps users to revamp a 3D baseball cap, which includes changing brim style, color, and adding an image.

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