New Tech Section Launched by Flipboard to Broaden Readers’ Interests

Published By : 25 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Flipboard has made recent changes in its working, and the latest one involves addition of a new tech section. In this way, a larger emphasis has been laid on allowing readers to venture deeper on their interests. The new tech-based feature will be visible on the Flipboard’s website as well as app.

Benefits and Other Details of the New Tech Section Launched by Flipboard

According to CEO, Mike McCue, Flipboard wants to make their offerings highly lucrative for tech enthusiasts and insiders. The new tech section could elevate Flipboard’s position from a global perspective, in terms of similar offers from its competitors. This tech section is mainly visible in the form of a newspaper, coupled with a highly-dense layout.

This points out towards the fact that Flipboard has moved away from the image-heavy look which was present earlier. In contrast to the earlier appearance, the new layout has placed a bigger emphasis on headlines and text, thus being designed for quick scanning. The newer look has been created to be suitable for use on a desktop, rather than a mobile phone. However. Flipboard has also created a version for its mobile web, wherein the app will depict a changeable layout system ranging from high-density to low-density. Presence of such systems highly depends on what type of stories are being handled.

Ever new section will be having new content, regardless of which layout is visible. The sections are still being curated by Flipboard’s publishers. According to McCue, Flipboard has assumed the form of a comprehensive virtual umbrella opened up to showcase curated stories about various topics. The company’s makers want to provide users unlimited access to Flipboard’s platform with or without any app. Several teams can also create their own magazines using the platform, which mainly are collective forms of private stories and other information.

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