New Study Says Pentagon Needs to Rethink its Laser Guns Development

Published By : 08 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After the Navy past year said that they have successfully fired their experimental laser gun, when they on-bard the USS Ponce. They fed curiosity about how fast they can be directed energy weapons and would change how the U.S. forces fight. However, they also underscored something else, as per a new report. The department of defense new developmental technology stays uneven, even though it began decades ago.

These finding are of a new study which were released on Tuesday by an independent Washington think tank that has strong ties to the current administration. On the other hand, the Pentagon has called to establish a new directed energy weapons program office to further coordinate efforts to innovate a new Defense Department wide plan for them.

According to a report, ultimately the weapons will become serious offset candidates whose technologies will enable the U.S. forces to keep their battlefield superiority against any adversary becomes serious about their development. Furthermore, their prospective payoff involved in mission critical areas will warrant focused and sustained leader attention.

This paper was written by a visiting senior fellow Jason D. Ellis who is currently on leave from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. This lab is dedicated to looking for ways that engineering and science can aid in national security and has in depth studies lasers.

The weapons include laser guns which are similar to the Navy’s and are known completely as the Laser Weapon System, however, the directed energy weapons also contain anything which produces concentrated EM energy or particles.
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