New Sports Nutrition Products to Enhance Performance of Athletes, Here’s How

Published By : 18 Oct 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A technology-driven health products company, NutraClick, was in the news recently as it introduced its new sports nutrition product, Force Factor. This product won the SupplySide CPE Editor’s Choice Award 2016, in Boston. The product features ingredients to enhance the performance of athletes, build lean muscles, promote power and strength, and also improve the focus of athletes. This news motivated many other sports nutrition manufacturers to introduce their new products in the global market.

Currently, the global sports nutrition products market is driven by technology, the entry of new companies, and the entry of new products for the athletes. According to sports nutrition product experts, many products available in the global market contain a high level of minerals and vitamins. Some of the leading manufacturers of sports nutrition products are aiming to minimize the contents of minerals and vitamins in their products to claim a healthy status. With changing trends and by knowing the changing preferences of athletes, key companies are aiming to introduce new sports nutrition products in the global market in the years to come.

Which sports nutrition products would gain more demand in global market?

Going forward, the key focus of most of the leading manufacturers of sports nutrition products is expected to target the untapped market. The awareness of sports nutrition products is increasing in emerging nations. The demand for a wide variety of healthy products, such as sports drinks, energy bars, protein shakes, and other dietary supplements is expected to increase. Sports drinks, being the most widely used dietary supplement, are now available in many flavors and combinations.

What would challenge global sports nutrition products market?

Although the global sports nutrition products market is set for a significant growth, it is expected to face a few challenges. The availability of counterfeit products is the key challenge for the manufacturers. The rising use of natural and organic food is another factor expected to restrict the sale of sports nutrition products.   

Natural ingredient-based products to gain acceptance

Many leading manufacturers of sports nutrition products are aiming to add natural and organic ingredients in their products, which is expected to benefit the global market. 

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