New Speaker Amp Released by Sonos, Which Further With Sonance

Published By : 30 Aug 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Sonos is coming up with new products and services, along with partnering with Sonance in order to release architectural speakers. The company is increasing its custom in-home audio market with the help of these products.

More Insights into the New Speaker Amp by Sonos

The three speakers introduced by Sonos along with Sonanace fall under three categories – outdoor, in-ceiling, and in-wall. Sonos is also announcing upcoming Control APIs that will make it easier to integrate the new devices into the highly evolving smart home. This goes along with Sonos’ long-standing approach of working with other platforms to offer its customers with many services as possible.

The new amp allows owners to use traditional home audio speakers with a Sonos system. Users can connect a turntable or stream media with only the amp and a set of bookshelf speakers. According to the specifications from the company, the Amp has enough power to run most high-end bookshelf speakers. The new Amp version is more powerful than the previous one, and works with more platforms too. However, it is more expensive at US$599 rather than US$499. This new version gives an output of 125 watts per channel at 8 ohms, so that it can power four speakers instead of two. Thus, the additional power makes the Amp more versatile than its predecessor.

According to Sonos, the Amp can be used to add stereo sound to a TV, owing to the HDMI Arc support. Users can also add wireless rears to a Sonos theater setup. Customers can also use two Amps to add a complete surround sound system. Moreover, multiple Amp units can be stacked or mounted in a rack. The Amp works with AirPlay 2 and with Alexa when used in conjunction with an Amazon Alexa-enabled Sonos device such as a Sonos One or Beam. The speakers will reportedly be released in early 2019.

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