New Social Media App Garden Launched Today

Published By : 11 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the wake of Facebook’s controversy about users’ data not remaining in secure hands, competitors are soon finding out ways to make their presence felt. A latest example of this fact deals with a new social media app called Garden, which has been launched today.

New App Could Help Users Maintain A Personalized Social Media Presence

However, contrary to Facebook and other social media platforms, Garden will ensure that users have a more personalized and controlled experience. Thus, users will be able to create substantially detailed personalized profile, and only allow trusted people to be in contact.

The app was made by Zander Adell, who was the CEO of the package delivery startup called Doorman. After this startup shut down last year, Zander decided to create Garden in remembrance of a friend he lost. This was mainly as a result of him losing out on maintaining personal relationships, especially when times were not good. Garden mainly started when Zander made a spreadsheet with names of all those he wanted to keep in touch with, both from a business-based as well as personal-based perspectives. After making this spreadsheet, he realized that the entire experience could be improved by providing the solution via an app.

Users can readily set up reminders at varying frequencies associated with their contacts, thus indicating how often he/she wants to keep in touch with the contacts. The frequencies vary from weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and even yearly. Users can leave notes in the app, whenever they want to catch up with a friend, wherein the notes can explain the latter, details about last conversations and other topics. The app is expected to not only manage personal relationships, but also can control business connections quite effectively. From an overall perspective, Garden is sophisticated, yet simple, along with users’ personal data stored securely.

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