New Shetland Flower Discovered by Scientists

Published By : 18 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It has been said that nature always finds a way to surprise us with its different creations and has a way around for everything. Scientists have recently discovered a new flower in Shetland and it is an exquisiteness of its own kind. It is a subtle golden colored bell flower and has its neck flecked with pretty red spots. It is a type of discreet beauty, nevertheless. Each of these flowers is only a little bigger than a 50p piece. It is one of the most unique flowers of Scotland or to be more precise, Shetland. The flower was initially discovered by a crew from the Stirling’s department of biological and environmental sciences. The team was led by Dr. Violeta Simon-Porcar who is a post-doctoral researcher.

More about it

The flower has been initially named as Shetland’s monkey flower. It has been named so because it is quite larger than the already existing monkey flower and its flowers are broader than the actual monkey flowers. The flower’s ancestor was non-native species which was introduced in the British Isles just a few centuries ago and is probably from Alaska.

The Shetland monkeyflower is more a result of genome duplication. The yellow monkeyflower is one of the widespread of genome duplication. Mimulus guttatus or the yellow monkeyflower started doubling its chromosomes and it is cited to be the main reason behind the size of the Shetland monkeyflower being bigger than its ancestors.

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