New Regulations Need Bloggers in Russia to Register

Published By : 20 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Around several thousand bloggers will be required to register if this measure is taken. Roskomnadzor might close down the accounts of bloggers that don’t follow the new regulation. Roskomnadzor has sent Boris Akunin and Eduard Limonov that are known for their opposition to the government according to the daily newspaper Izvestia.

Many bloggers however are not willing to register, deeming the new rule excessive. The new constitution permits free expression of opinion without having any need for registration, according to a famous Russian blogger and entrepreneur Internet.

This new law creates a way for the government in Russia to block foreign Internet services such as Twitter. Even though, there would be major repercussions from this move. However, spokesman for Twitter has not commented on the issue.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is concerned with how social media can be utilized to undermine his authority. Hence, this month there was expansion of regulation of media related to blogosphere, which needs those people with at least three thousand readers daily to register their real name with contact information.

However, so far only around 580 bloggers in Russia are registered with the Roskomnadzor, communications regulator. The government in Russia has announced that this step is needed to remove inaccurate or defamatory content on the Internet. However, some bloggers fear that this measure will limit free speech, and allow the president to shut down blogs which he doesn’t like and give him a reason to block sites like Twitter in the near future.
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