New Music and Light Techniques Farmers are Using to Breed Healthy Chickens

Published By : 18 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A massive use of antibiotics in the livestock farms has lead to companies experimenting in other practices to raise healthier livestock. In the Malaysian poultry farm known as Kee Song around 20,000 chickens rest on saw dust in poorly lit barns with water and fee were laced with probiotics which was automatically pumped into their feeding pans.

Furthermore, Mozart’s music was also being played and special lighting is sued to keep the birds tranquil. This lighting is neon blue and turned on when the birds are being taken away for slaughter. According to the firm’s Chairman, this environment trends to keep chickens happy and healthy.

A molecular geneticist teamed up with the firm’s Chairman confirmed that the chickens were not fed with any antibiotics or other drugs. The VP of Chareon Pokphand which is the world’s biggest animal feed miller also said that the feed supplied to Kee Song was free from any antibiotics.

In addition to this, by not using drugs the farm was expected to maintain strict cleanliness measures to prevent any infection and it takes around three more days to for produced chickens to reach the commercially viable with of around 1.8 to 2.0 kg.

A series of scandals in the past few years from melamine affected mil power in China, and horse meat delivered as beef to Europe along with growth related drugs causing lameness in the United States cattle has led to a consumer strong backlash over food safety and its standards. Hence, firms like the chicken poultry farms are aiming to produce drug free chickens.

This firm produces around 4 million free from drugs birds in its Malaysian farm, and is aiming to expand its sales to China and the West.
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