New Mobile Show by Gravy to Provide QVC-styled Shopping Experience

Published By : 29 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After looking at the success of the live mobile game show called HQ Trivia, another group of businessmen have started testing another game concept, and to see if this can work properly. This new game-show inspired app called Gravy is expected to deliver a highly attractive QVC-style shopping experience.

More Information Gravy’s About QYC-styled Shopping Experience

Discounts ranging from 30% to 70% of all products advertised will be offered by the company, and a part of the earnings will be forwarded to charity. Users can also guess which products with unknown quantities can be sold out and at what price. Those who are closest in their guesswork to the actual price will win a cash prize.

This enterprise was first started by Mark McGuire, Craig Andler, and Brain Wiegand, who also are the founders of, which is an older social shopping network. This network was later acquired by Microsoft in 2007, which further went on to form Bing Shopping. The company has also paired up with other projects such as NameProject, Hopster, Nextt, and

Gravy expects to bank on the excitement generated among consumers with regards to the discounts offered, coupled with engaging them in a game-show like experience. According to Wiegand, the team wanted build a startup, wherein a new unit could showcase various brands who could tell their own story. In this way, the company decided to venture into the field where live shopping platforms could be created, mainly attracting the youth, but in a fun game-styled manner.

Every night at 8.30 P.M. ET, the Gravy iOS app will depict the portrayal of a live hosted event, which will reveal the products that users can buy. In current times, a rotating selection of hosts exists who work on a per-show contract basis. Even if players are not told the quantity of items available, the figure is generally between two to twenty.

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