New Machine Learning Specialization to Be Launched By Google & Coursera

Published By : 24 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Since several years, Coursera and Google have collaborated on a number of occasions to come up with numerous online courses for IT professionals as well as for developers. On these lines, both companies are yet again deciding to launch a new machine learning program, especially for builders, called the Machine Learning Crash Course.

More Information about the New Machine Learning Specialization

The new specialization will be available on Coursera, and will consist of five different courses that are loaded with a practical focus. The specialization is formally called ‘Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform,’ and is built on real-world machine learning models by students. Ranging from managing environmental setup to creating and organizing datasets to preparing distributed models and enhancing accuracy of models, these are some of the key processes that need to be completed. Lastly, tuning the right parameters of the course models also is an action that need to be properly carried out.

According to The Tech Lead of Google’s Big Data and Machine Learning sector, Lak Lakshmanan, students came up with the idea of making a model that can be used in production via cloud computing processes. This was one of the fundamental thought processes that helped the students go ahead and build the machine learning program.

As per Leah Belsky, the VP from enterprise development of Coursera has voiced out a similar thought that details a more practical approach. According to the VP, the course can be highly useful for employers as well as for employees alike, especially those who wish to gain additional skills from the program. And this precisely is the target audience of the company, i.e. people who want to expand their skill set, and thereby contributing towards bringing forth advancements in technology. With programming becoming easier with such courses, even beginners can progress at a fast pace in the field.

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