New Instant Pot Max Electric Cooker Makes You Cook Faster

Published By : 13 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The most recent Instant Pot was displayed last Saturday at the International Home and Housewares show in Chicago. This kitchenware device is expected to cook food faster, while maintaining the excellent quality.

More about the Instant Pot Max Device

This device can provide its user with numerous options as compared to those present in other electric pressure cooker devices made by rival companies. The Instant Pot Max has a space of about 6-quart, i.e. 5.6 liters. This machine can maintain a pressure of about 15 pounds per square inch (15 psi), which was earlier mainly found in the form of stovetop pressure cookers. Most cookers have a maximum pressure of 12 psi. The speed of cooking foodstuffs is directly proportional to the amount of pressure. Thus, in case of the Instant Pot Max, users can surely save ample time by making proper use of the 15 psi pressure feature provided.

The high pressures can also be used for home canning, according to a spokesperson from the company. The Instant Pot Max also will be able to hold its pressure at a maximum level continually, as compared to other electric pressure cooker models, wherein the pressure levels may display volatility. A feature called sous vide is added to the Instant Pot Max, wherein a method of cooking that involves vacuum sealed food in a plastic bag is carried out. This is conducted with the help of a temperature controlled water bath.

According to representatives from the parent company, the new few versions of the device might has setting wherein water can be heated up to a certain temperature. Other features of this device include a touchscreen display, backlit LEDs, central controlling dials, and many others which can be used as per requirement. Besides canning, other cooking options are steaming, soup, broth, manual pressure cook, and many others.

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