New Google Search Tweak Helps to Push Company Statements Above

Published By : 12 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

When users seek for information on businesses, the new minor tweak in the Google Search results has allowed a brand new feature for company statements to appear above the news results. 

This new move benefits the companies in several ways. It helps those companies who fall victim to misinformation on many news platforms. This new measure may also cost news publishers web traffic. 

According to a Google spokesperson’s comment in September 2014, Google had broadened its sources from the entries it had pulled and appeared in the news section of its search results page. 

Earlier, to this tweak, there were just stories or content from approved news sites such as TV stations and newspapers that appeared in the main section of the page. In addition to this, the spokesperson added that the main aim of Google is to provide accurate answers to the matter they type and search. This is supposed to be as quickly as possible. The results may return an article from the designed news source/publisher or a press release as long as it has relevant information. 

In the recent times, users may have observed the Gemalto’s company statement in the news section whereby, the company in the last month had confirmed the reports stating it was attacked as a victim of the American and British spies. The story grabbed immense attention from media. However, when Google searched for this same story the first line in the news listed the statement by the company – that disparaged the impact of hacking. 

Similarly, when Apple launched its new watch in the news section earlier this week, it featured in the top promotional site that listed the product. There were no comments from Apple or Gemalto registered yet. 

According to Josh Schwartz suggestion, companies could imply the SEO techniques to up their rankings in new listings.  
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