New Google Maps Are More than Just Navigation & Following Directions

Published By : 10 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Google have officially announced that a new Google Maps version will be launched, which promises to take the game beyond just directions. This new version has surely turned up the excitement levels in customers a few notches, ever since the announcement was made yesterday.

Exploration Is the New Concept to Be Explored By Google

The new Google Maps version will be launched later this summer, and will finally showcase a new set of features that deal with exploration. Of course, the original Google Maps features are not going away, but rather will be fortified with new characteristics that aim to enhance a sense of exploration for users.

The concept started all the way back when Google started carrying out surveys wherein they asked consumers that what all would they want from Google Maps in future. And the answer kept coming back to the most obvious point: exploration. Most users do not get enough help for them to explore a new area, thereby helping them decide where to go.  And this is exactly the issue which will be targeted by the new Google Maps by integrating highly efficient AI system. The new Maps system will display a new tab system that is titled ‘for you’. This basically is a newsfeed-like experience that can give highly valuable recommendations to people.

Users can ‘follow’ particular areas and cities, or even target a place they would like to visit in future, thus giving rise to an enhanced social networking experience. Whenever the app receives interesting Google updates in an area, such as a newly opened restaurant and bar, or a new coffee shop, the updates are displayed to the users.

According to Sophia Lin, the company’s senior product manager, whenever people roam around in an area, they have problems finding out about new places. Users could also accidently find a place that has been active since several months, something which could be instantly possible with the new Google Maps.

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