New F-16 Radars to be Soon Developed by Air Force

Published By : 19 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Currently, the Air Force has set a budget of around US$25 million to start their development of innovative radars for their F 16 fleet. This is an important need felt from the service’s mission of homeland defense.

According to the Lt. General Stanley Clarke, who is the director of the Air national Guard the upgrade is required for surveillance and also or the ability to detect any targets. He also stated that this was a deficit and they needed to address it.

The service held previously this month had filed a sources sought notice to contractors because of information about the development of actively electronically scanned array radar for the fleet of F 16.

The Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh mentioned to law makers recently that the service has budgeted their money to start development and will have to spend around US$75 million if they can find the funding to create the radars for their whole F 16 fleet. Welsh mentioned to the House Armed Services Committee that they need to build an AESA radar plant for their F 16 fleet which is conducting currently the homeland defense mission in particular. Their entire fleet is active, and none of them have yet been upgraded with this radar.

The service has estimated that it would have to spend a total of US$3.2 million per aircraft for installation of integrated AESA radar. They think this was the way to go and now are looking forward to how they can achieve it. The Air Force had originally sought this upgrade during the fiscal 2013 year budget request; however, it was cut as part of cost reductions which was imposed by the Budget Control Act.
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