New Energy Storage Systems witness Swift Sales

Published By : 06 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The serial entrepreneur from Hawaii, Henk Rogers launched a company that deals with energy storage. This company was formed in a partnership with the technology giant Sony Electronics Inc. This firm was focused on getting homeowners to eventually off the electric grid. Very recently, this company observed swift sales after the official beginning of the process that happened in the last weekend.

Rogers commented that they have been flooded with inquiries from the home country Hawaii and from countries around the world. He also stated that they are very much pleased to see the demand for their battery storage is high. According to Rogers they will soon be announcing their new vice president of sales.

Rogers and his business partners that are Aleks Velhner and Vincent Paul Ponthieux together formed the firm Blue Planet Energy Systems. This company crated the system Blue Ion, which is a self-contained energy storage package. This system combines the lithium ion battery technology of Sony with the proprietary architecture and software of Blue Planet Energy. This new energy storage system offer quick and easy installation and features a low, simple payback. However, the pricing of these systems has to be yet revealed, since Blue Planet Energy tends to set the price of the systems as per the installation.

Rogers said that many companies at present offer a pre-set package where one size tens to fit all. However, none of these companies are offering to have homes go off the grid entirely. Rogers stated that their system are customized to take homes off the grid, which calls for a very unique approach as each installation has specific requirements. During the weekend of Fourth of July, the firm Blue Planet Energy celebrated their first anniversary marking energy independence. This anniversary celebrated the event of the Honolulu home of 6000 square foot going off the grid completely.
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