New EarthNow Project To Capture Satellite Images and Videos

Published By : 19 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A new space imaging startup called EarthNow will be launched shortly, which aims at providing images of our planet’s surface to users as per their demand. The company will also provide real-time videos of Earth to the interested parties, besides images.

Get Ready to Receive Real-time Videos and Images of Earth

A constellation of satellites will photograph and capture images and videos with a delay of only a single second. A user won’t have to wait for a satellite to come into range as at least one satellite will be in an area at any point of time. In this way, a complete monitoring of the Earth’s surface can be done. Even if a satellite is in the process of leaving from an area, the process of monitoring would be passed onto the next one, thus maintaining a continuous process.

The project is being targeted mainly at government organization, high value enterprises, and those individuals who portray a high need for the images and videos for associated actions. Storm monitoring, forest fires, conflict tracking, detection of illegal fishing vehicles and other activities, and animal tracking are some of the primary uses of the satellite imaging program.

The company is in its nascent phases in current times, and the timeline and other details regarding launch of the program is still not very clear. The EarthNow program will be set up in the form of a huge upgraded version of OneWeb project, which was founded by Greg Wyler. Each satellite will be manufactured with extensive onboard processing power, which is possible by including extra GPU cores, more than the number used in commercial satellites. This will mainly be required for video processing, and also for supporting compression hardware. As per reports, high costs are involved in the project, even though an official word is yet to come.

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