New Commonwealth Work Visa in favor of Indian Students Proposed by Londons Mayor

Published By : 18 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The mayor of London, named Boris Johnson has introduced a new Commonwealth work visa for the students coming from India. This will allow the students to work after graduating from a University in Britain, for a period of two years. This will help eradicate the decline of the foreign students coming to the UK for study purposes.  The proposal has been forwarded to the government of the UK and this two year Commonwealth work visa will primarily be just for India and will be later on extended to all the other Commonwealth countries if it is successful.

India stands as the third biggest international student market within London, following the China and the U.S. In the recent times, however, the count of the Indian students in London’s higher education institutions has decreased to over half in the past five years. There were about 9,925 students from India between 2009 and 10 and this amount decreased to a mere 4,790 in 2013-14. This seems to be extremely low seeing the fact that there is constant demand in India for higher education system owing to the rising middle class and the increasing economic growth. 

The issue got addressed at the City Hall after a meeting of the Mayor with some senior academics that came from top educational institutions of London. There is also a second proposal that is aimed to remove the trend of dropping the decreasing number of foreign students and this includes a work visa to be given for graduates in technology, engineering, science, and mathematics for a period of two years.

The key reason for the decline of the number of Indian students in Britain was the removal of UK’s Post Study Work Visa in 2012, and this gave the right to the non-EU students to stay in the UK for a period of two years after the completion of their graduation.

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