New Chrome Extension Developed by TypingDNA to Verify Identity Based on Typing Style

Published By : 15 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

TypingDNA has launched a highly lucrative approach that involves identifying users based on how they type. This approach was in the pipeline for several years, and is now being fulfilled through this company.

TypingDNA finds New Ways to Provide Secure Login

A foremost use of this method involves users who want to login securely through different devices. According to TypingDNA’s co-founder Raul Popa, most people do not like secure login issues faced while accessing accounts from different devices. The method introduced by this company mainly addresses this issue, when another person having a different style of typing cannot login even if he/she she has the user’s password. This method involves passing through a two-factor authentication factor, which is a security feature that sends specific and distinctive codes to the device being operated

TypingDNA allows users to verify their identity that involves them to enter their name and password into a dialogue box. The style of typing is analyzed and confirmed depending on whether the same user has logged in.

The startup is planning to launch a free Chrome extension which can work as an alternative to two-factor authentication on several services such as Coinbase, and Amazon Web Services, among others. According to Popa, TypingDNA detects two aspects of a user’s typing style: the time taken by a user to reach successive keys and how long the user keeps the keys pressed down. According to the company, the patterns among all users they have tested until now are different.

Popa further said that the system’s accuracy can also be adjusted, bringing down the rate of false positives as to as low as 0.1 percent. The false acceptance is best to be kept at a minimum rate, as users trying to log in by sitting in unusual positions sitting positions or typing slower than normal due to some other reasons might end up getting rejected.

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