New Cholesterol Control Drugs Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack by 50%

Published By : 16 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A recent study conducted by a team of researchers revealed that a new category of drugs, which are knows to remarkably reduce cholesterol also may have the ability to reduce the chances of strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases seriously. 

The study was sponsored by Amgen and Sanofi SA along with their partner Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. The study found that the consumption of the drugs in prescribed dosage could actually reduce the risk of occurrence of any major cardiovascular ailment almost by half. 

While the findings of the report are not definitive, yet it is expected to spur the already strong interest among agents who are popularly known as PCSK9 inhibitors in the market. Reports indicate, Sanofi-Regeneron and Amgen are combating each other in a neck to neck competition to attract the agents to the drug market. They organizations are expecting final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration within the next couple of months. According to sources, Pfizer is also looking for a third candidate in the category. 

This class of drugs is called statins. It is the mainstay medication that fights against LDL cholesterol. The drug is popularly known as Lipitor, is one of the most commonly prescribes and most lucrative medications to be ever developed by the global pharmaceutical industry. However, millions of patients are deprived from its consumption at the moment owing to the side effects since the drug is unable to get LDL under control and in lines with statins. 

Studies which were conducted on the three different drugs on the same category found that these medicines cause intense drops in bad cholesterol or LDL, which  if elevated to some level might trigger the risk of strokes or heart attacks. 
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