New App to Ensure Safety during Fireworks

Published By : 04 Jul 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A research conducted by a professor at Purdue University points to a possibility of safe fireworks with advanced functionality. Igniter cables were used by the professor to accomplish the process,; these cables were connected to the fireworks and the clips were inserted into the firing device. Parallel to this, an app has been designed that facilitates the transfer of electric current via the wire, which ultimately lights up fireworks. The app along with the firing device ensures that the fireworks begin by means of remote activation rather than lighting by hands.

Basis of Research

The lead researcher stated that smart phones have been used for several key technologies relating to computing and radios, and now is the time to use them for safe fireworks. The intent behind the technology is to make fireworks safer even for people who are not versed with pyro-technology. The researcher also believes that the technology would make things easier for people who want to sync fireworks with music, light firecrackers in their gardens and backyards, and time these crackers. He also intends to create a community of users who share their creativity via the app.

Mitigating Crimes

The lead researcher believes that the new technology would also benefit in tracking criminals. Any criminal who uses the new system would be leaving key information that could help in tracing them.

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