New 64-bit ARM CPU Data Center Platform Selects Mellanox Ethernet Solutions

Published By : 20 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Leading suppliers called Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd., of end-to-end interconnect and high-performance solutions for storage systems and data center servers announced news for its Ethernet adapters today. ConnectX-3 Pro 10Gb/s is a new line of the company’s Ethernet adapters. It has RoCE integrated on LoM motherboard within the new HP ProLiant m400 server cartridge. 

Combined with advanced 64-bit ARM CPU technology, Mellanox Ethernet adapters are now equipped with the HP Moonshot System. The system delivers memory, balanced compute, and I/O resources in efficient and dense form factor. 

The ConnectX-3 Pro-based adapters also back RDMA over Converged Ethernetv2 (RoCEv2). RDMA stands for advanced Remote Direct Memory Access technology. This technology offloads the data transmitted to make space in the CPU in order to perform various web based activities such as cloud, data intensive web, and data analytics applications.  

The company’s 10/40GbE adapters are extremely reliable when it comes to use. These adapters offer the most efficient Ethernet solutions and highest performance ratio. It also has industry-leading end-to-end latency.

The Vice President, Chuck Tybur, Mellanox Technologies Global Accounts and America OEM sales said in order to scale and optimize company services, various web service providers and data center operators require cost-efficient platform equipped with performance-based interconnects. The company adapters and high-performance server cartridge provides scalable application performance while driving down OpEx and CapEx.

The HP ProLiant m400 server is extremely capable of high scale-out workloads such as distributed web servers and Memcached for optimizing application infrastructure such as PHP, Java, Canonical Ubuntu LAMP stack, Perl, and Python. 

Data center operators need to add value web-based services to customers without jeopardizing their user experience, commented HP Director, Platform Engineering – Gerald Kleyn. The HP ProLiant cartridge with the 10GbE adaptor is specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of web caching and giving data center operators the ability and degree of service while driving down operational costs. 
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