New 3D Medical Imaging System from Carestream to Enter Clinical Trials

Published By : 23 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

SUNY and Carestream Health Inc. at Buffalo’s Sports Medicine and UBMD Orthopedics have begun clinical trials this week for the their new 3D medical imaging system, according to the Carestream officials.

This announcement came after six months the company Carestream and the UB orthopedics group announced their plans to jointly try and test this device. In this project, scientists from Johns Hopkins Uni. in Baltimore and engineers from Carestream are involved. They have already spent months to innovate prototypes of this 3D scanner.

However, this system has not yet been approved for commercial use and the upcoming Carestream’s imaging equipment will not be the first medical imaging devices using 3D on the market. The company Carestream also sells their cone beam X-ray scanners in the market which provides three dimensional pictures for dental purposes. This dental device has been used for long by hospitals and clinics.

The upcoming Carestream device will be more portables and compact as compared to the US$1 million or more CT scanners. Also, unlike the CT machines, they do not only require a special stepped up power source but also a plug into a typical 110 volt wall socket.

Another benefit offered by this device is that it can take pictures of upright patients that are putting weight on an injured joint. The CT machines currently are capable of taking pictures of patients that are lying in a horizontal position.

This upcoming Carestream scanner is anticipated to sell for a medium or low figure and once ready for the market will tap on an underserved for medium and small sized orthopedics practices which are thirsty for its capabilities, according to the Carestream firm’s director.
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