Neutral Rating Reiterated on BioMarin Pharma

Published By : 09 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Investment experts at Wedbush has reiterated its ‘neutral’ rating on the stock of BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. in a research note published on Dec 08th, 2015. They have given a price target of US$125.00/share on the stock. This price target shows a potential upside movement of 30.86% from the previous closure of the company.

The shares of BioMarin Pharma traded up 0.01% on Dec 08th, 2015, touching US$95.52. 1,154,654 shares changed hands during the trading session. The total market cap of the company is US$15.40 bn and has an average moving price of US$105.33/share for 50 days and of US$122.94/share for 200 days. The company exhibits a one year high of US$151.75/share and one year low of US$85.72/share.

The pharma company issued its quarterly earnings results on October 29th, 2015, where it has reported an amount of US$0.60 EPS for this quarter.

Mr. Daniel K. Spiegelman, the CFO BioMarin Pharma has stated recently that he has sold almost 20,000 shares in a transaction on November 16th, 2015. The shares has been traded at an average price of US$104.30 per share, for a total transaction of US$2.08 mn. Following the sale, Mr. Spiegelman now owns a total of 28,229 shares, valued at US$2.94 mn of the stock of BioMarin Pharma at present.

The CEO of BioMarin Pharma, Ms. Jean Jacques Bienaime also sold 1,000 shares of the company in a transaction happened on September 14th, 2015. The average price per share for this sale was US$131.43 and the total transaction done on the stock was of US$131,430.00.

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