Netflix’s Acquired Millarworld To Respond Removal of Disney Content

Published By : 11 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Netflix has acquired Millarworld, masses say that it is a response to removal of some valuable content of Disney from Netflix. Netflix was experiencing lack of original data on its collection and needed a supply for more original data. Acquiring Millarworld would act as a major supplier of valuable content for the customers of the company. Netflix is an American entertainment company, providing streaming service to their customers to watch a wide variety of documentaries, movies, and award-winning TV shows. It also has its own content production sector, which is published on its websites, labelled as “Netflix Original.”

Disney or the Walt Disney Company is the world's second largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue following Comcast. It is stated that Disney will start a branded streaming service in the U.S., by 2019, and eventually scale it around the world. It is expected that the TV content will remain under Netflix, however, new Disney movies will be available on the planned service.

Increasing Demand for Content Inspired Netflix to involve in Strategic Decisions

Furthermore, just like Disney, many other companies have decided to hold back their valuable content from Netflix. Many entertainment companies are featuring their best content on their own streaming channel. This trend is making Netflix appear like a brand that shows older TV series and movies. With the Disney’s decision, audience is most likely to search for content outside the Netflix. To deal with this scenario, Netflix have been focusing of its original content, however, it is failing to satisfy customers’ increasing demands. They have acquired a company for the first time, expecting to generate more featuring content.

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