Nestle to Rebuild its Reputation in India, Plans to Use Advertising and Social Media

Published By : 28 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

To cover up the damage done to the reputation of Nestlé by the recent food-scare in India, the company is planning to use aggressive advertisement and social media platforms, stated Mr. Suresh Narayanan, the newly appointed Chief, Nestlé India.

Nestlé has been around in India for over 100 years, but it never faced such severe challenge ever. The Indian food regulation authority, FSSAI, passed a decision to block the sale of Maggi, Nestlé’s popular instant noodles brand, the last month, alleging that Maggi contained lead more than the permissible levels, which brought a huge wave of negative publicity for the company. 

Mr. Narayanan stated that his immediate goal will be to rebuild the brand of the company brick by brick, employee by employee, and consumer by consumer. They can overcome, that’s the only thing, they want to convey to their millions of consumers, he added.

The new head of Nestlé in India was leading the operations of Nestlé in the Philippines till last week. He succeeded Mr. Etienne Benet here.

The biggest food company of the world has been pitted against Indian regulators in court after food-safety inspectors found high levels of lead in its Maggi 2-Minute instant noodles and banned product in India. Maggi is the best-selling brand of Nestlé, which used to contribute for 1 in every 5 dollars Nestlé earned in India.

Nestlé, however, disputes the findings of the regulators. Though it has pulled millions of Maggi 2-Minutes noodles packets from stores destroyed them, which cost a whopping US$50 million to the company in lost sales.
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