NEMC Deals Severely with Tanga Cement Company Ltd (TCCL) for Violating the Law

Published By : 06 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As reported today in Tanzania, NEMC has promised to penalize Tanga Cement of all the allegations of importing more than thousands of tonnes of harmful and hazardous materials. 

Tanga Cement Company Ltd (TCCL) is alleged for importing thermal coal from South Africa, say the official environmental overseers. This has been observed in violation of more than a decade old law that bans any company or individual from importing harmful and non-environmentally friendly hazardous materials unless validated by The National Environment Management Council. 

NEMC officials strongly believe that TCCL’s business with environmental hazard and import acts from South Africa has not only been conducted without NEMC’s knowledge but also without their consent. 

Magori Wambura -an environment official from NEMC said the institute does not hold anything personal but just wants TCCL to abide the norms and law. TCCL had ignored the government, public and marine conservation laws. Wambura plans to take this issue seriously until TCCL is punished severely. 

NEMC has full authority to settle environmental disputes, revoke operational permits for violating organizations, and file criminal and civil cases in the court of justice. 

TCCL had signed an agreement with another State environmental monitoring enterprise-the Environment and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and was held responsible for violating the agreement on the purchase of coal, said legal counselor from the environmental monitoring council in Tanga, John Mnyele. 

TCCL was restricted to import coal from Kiwira Coal Mines in Mbeya and distinct sources of Ruvuma region. According to mining experts, Tanzania standalone has about 1Bnt of coal reserves in its southern region. 
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