NEEO launches its Universal Remote System to Compete with Logitech

Published By : 26 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

NEEO has launched its latest Remote along with the NEEO Brain Combo, which looks promising as an alternative to the universal smart remote sold by Logitech, specifically the Harmony line.

A New Alternative for a Better Experience

The NEEO Remote and NEEO Brain combo can connect to almost every AV system, including various connected smart devices. The system mainly consists of two parts, including the Brain which mainly manages actions that require heavy processes. The device comes with 360-degree IR blasters adorning the gadget’s boundary. An IR extender is also connected to the devices for connecting devices in a closes AV cabinet. The system can also be connected to a WI-FI network, which needs plugging it into a router through the Ethernet.

The setup required by NEEO happens mainly through a user’s phone, thus referencing the name called “smart remote”. Following the configuration of the system, the experience is reportedly better than Logitech’s Harmony software, at least in the initial run. Apart from the Brain, the second major component of the system is the NEEO Remote. Made with an industrial design, this rectangular device showcases a minimalistic design. Inherent features such as bottom weighing and large properly arranged buttons are key reasons why consumers are expected to opt for this technology.

However, a user can make the system work just by using the NEEO Brain component along with the necessary app installed for Android and iOS based phones. Nevertheless, the beauty of the remote is surely expected to make users love using it. The touchscreen display is fast and delivers a clear signal. The touchscreen is highly responsive, thus requiring minimal effort from the users. The remote also is provided with an ‘SOS’ feature, to locate it in case it gets lost or is misplaced. Users can also input instructions in the remote for recognizing specific pair of hands.

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