NASA to Launch Latest Mission to the Red Planet called InSight on Saturday

Published By : 04 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

All eyes are set on the latest mission by NASA to make a significant bout of progress on Mars. A high level of excitement (coupled with a bit of trepidation) has engulfed every team member behind this massive mission.

More about NASA’s InSight Lander Launch

This lander will create a number of historic firsts in both space travel and planetology. The lander’s instruments will study Mars’ surface, and specifically monitor the seismic activity with extraordinary precision. The launch is scheduled to happen at about 4.05 AM Pacific, if at all the weather holds good. Initial forecasts do not show presence of any clouds and atmospheric disturbances that may pose as a hindrance to the launch.

InSight, an acronym for as Interior Exploration using Scientific Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, will carry a plethora of instruments to Mars that can provide a magnanimous amount of information which is currently unknown about its interior.

According to Bruce Banerdt, who also is the principal investigator for the mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has been behind the mission for more than two decades. The mission was originally planned to be launched in 2016, but an instrumental failure put it off for about two years.

The lander is designed in the form of a Pheonix, and has the size of a small car. It is expected to be launched at Mars at a speed faster than a bullet. A notable historic record created by this interplanetary mission is that it will be the first one to be launched from the West coast towards Mars from California’s Vandenberg air base. The lander is also expected to be launched without a gravity assist. The Atlas V will be taking the lander into orbit, followed by which it will travel towards Mars for roughly about six months.

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