Mystery of Frankenstein Dinosaur Solved

Published By : 16 Aug 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The mystery of a dinosaur seeming to consist of body parts from a much unrelated species has finally solved. The dinosaur was hence named Frankenstein dinosaur. A new examination proposes that it is in fact the missing connection between herbivorous dinosaurs, for instance, Stegosaurus, and meat eating dinosaurs, similar to T. rex. The finding gives crisp knowledge on the advancement of the group of dinosaurs known as the ornithischians. The examination is published in the Royal Society diary Biology Letters.

Further Insights

Matthew Baron, a PhD student at the Cambridge University, disclosed that his evaluation demonstrated that the Frankenstein dinosaur was one of the primary ornithischians, a gathering that included recognizable mammoths, for instance, Stegosaurus and the horned Triceratops which wore a variety of bone plates along its back. The Cambridge researcher said that they had definitely no clue how the ornithischian body design began to create on the grounds that they appear to be so unique to the various dinosaurs. They also have numerous number of irregular elements. In the a long time since the ornithischian aggregate was first remembered, they never had any idea of how the initial ones could have looked up to this point.

The Frankenstein dinosaur is mainly known as Chilesaurus and when it had appeared initially, it had left the experts puzzled. The dinosaur had the body and arms of a T. rex, the hips and back of a Stegosaurus, and legs similar to that of Brontosaurus. It confused experts regarding the family of dinosaurs it belonged to. 

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