Mysterious Ahead-of-Time Bloom in Cherry Trees from Space Stun All

Published By : 15 Apr 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Some mysterious cherry trees have blossomed years ahead of their estimated scheduled time of blossom in Japan. 

The phenomenon is noteworthy not only for botanists but also for space researchers – the seeds from which these trees have grown have had their share of lifetime in space. 

In the year 2008, Japanese scientists collected hundreds of cherry blossom seeds and sent them to the International Space Centre for many vague scientific reasons and studies. The seeds remained in the space for nearly eight months before being sent back to the earth where some of them were planted. 

The seeds were essentially replanted to guide children about the process of development of a tree from seeds. The study produced different results that stunned one and all.  Four of the fourteen locations where the seeds were planted have already seen blossoms – phenomenon that would naturally require some more couple of years in normal conditions. 

One tree especially, planted near a Buddhist temple located in Central Japan, has already grown 14 feet tall and have garnered considerable amount of blossoms; it was expected to see its first blossoms after six years from now. 

What’s even stranger is the fact that its flowers possess only five petals while the flowers in its parent tree posses an average of 30 petals per flower.  

Though the actual reasons behind this phenomenon are yet to be determined, one cannot rule out the possibilities of the seeds being influenced by their exposure to the considerably different environmental conditions, such as the presence of stronger cosmic rays among other, in the space.  

Cross pollination with some other species of the plant can also be a dominant reason behind such strange behavioral changes in the plant’s physiology, but there is no current data to back this possibility. 
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