Musiio to Use AI to Streamline Musical Experience for Users

Published By : 23 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A former exec from the music streaming industry and an AI specialist have started a company that can help effectively curate tracks more efficiently. The company called Musiio, which is a Singapore based startup, will provide an AI service that can help music platforms tackle content and curation.

More about Musiio, the AI Platform to Curate Musical Tracks

Personalization has been a big requirement when it comes to music streaming, and this is exactly what Musiio will be focusing on. The use of AI through Musiio will be helpful to all the active music listening masses all around the world. It will especially help those people who can’t spend big bucks on apps like Spotify, wherein extensive automation and partial automation is needed to sift and scourge through music.

Musiio is expected to get rid of all the inefficiencies faced by a user when he/she uses a music streaming app. The company is expected to use AI in the form of deep learning and feature extraction, which could exist in a combined presence. The latter will be used to identify and understand patterns and features in a track. Extensive focus will be imparted on the audio itself, as compared to other services which might rely on the use of statistics and data gained from third-party information.

Musiio’s major aim in its first year will involve lifting the burden of a user by making them choose through a plethora of tracks, by ensuring that the AI will do the job by selecting the ‘best’ tracks. According to Hazel Savage, the company’s co-founder, the Musiio’s AI system can listen and acknowledge at least 1,000 tracks just within four hours, followed by them being curated, after which a smaller selection can be provided to the users. And the song selection will not only be based on artists, but also on genres, labels, and popularity, among other factors.

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