MTN Partner and Vodafone in Business Collaboration

Published By : 23 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

MTN and Vodafone will soon be entering into a business collaboration that will pertain to the provision of the service of mobile money in the market of East Africa. This is a key area that most players in the global telecom market generally focus on, and there are several similar agreements that are taking place between the various players in the market. 

The clients of MTN Mobile Money and M-Pesa mobile money payments and transfer service of Vodafone that will be launched in East Africa in future will be in a position to transfer funds to one another post the agreement that will take place amidst the two players.  It is anticipated that such as step will prove to be highly beneficial to the customers in areas such as Mozambique, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania. And the benefits will also be experienced by customers of MTN Mobile Money in Zambia, Rwanda, and Uganda. 

As per a senior official at Vodafone, this business agreement between mobile money transfer service and MTN in the market of East Africa shows the degree of interoperability and cooperation between the two competitors dealing in mobile operations. With close ties and collective cooperation the two entities will be able to provide fast, cheap, and efficient money transfer services to customers in seven countries. 

The M-Pesa mobile money transfer service was for the very first time was extended by Vodafone to market for international payments which happened to be the very initial global money transfer passage between Kenya and Tanzania. Later on, Airtel and Orange came together in Africa to enable the users to send funds from Cote d’Ivoire via the Orange money service to the neighboring country of Burkina Faso.
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