MPs Should Back Air Strikes: UK Sec Def

Published By : 25 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Michael Fallon puts it up to the MPs to “step up” and authorize British air strikes on the militants in the Islamic States. He said it is up to the MPs when the parliament has been recalled to figure out if they are willing and ready to initiate military action against ISIS.

Fallon has warned that Britain needs to handle the spreading Islamic extremism threats and assist the Iraqi government to curb the Iraq and the Levant Islamic (ISIL) State fighters.

Experts say that defeating the ISIL forces that have taken control of large areas of northern Iraq would take a long time and could cost billions of dollars.

The MPs are supposed to vote by Friday after the PM recalls Parliament to decide whether Britain should join the U.S. bombing campaign.

Fallon stated that the pressure is mounting on the British Parliament. They need to decide whether they are ready to endorse action of a military nature and they need to decide soon.

Government executives have mentioned that the vote will probably apply only to the Iraqi situation. Lawyers from Whitehall are still debating over the legalities of targeting Syria.

Michael Fallon also said the ongoing threat that the Middle-East faces due to the spreading Islamic extremism needs to be addressed by Britain and their allies from Norway and Australia. Both allied countries were worried about the citizens that were fighting for ISIL in Syria and Iraq and who returned to their home countries to wage war. Fallon claimed this to be the reason for Britain’s major role in helping the Iraqi government.
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