Mozilla to rescue Amazon, Firefox Browser to be Available on Fire TV Devices

Published By : 22 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In an announcement, today, Mozilla has stated that its web browser, Firefox, is now available on all the Fire TV devices, including Silk browser, owned by Amazon, across the world. Although navigating web search engines on televisions does not look like a much user-friendly idea; however, for the subscribers of Amazon Fire TV, it is likely to be the only method to access YouTube. Mozilla’s announcement of news, though, lacks the obvious ‘hey, this is a convenient workaround’ segment, it features a blog post section, which says that subscribers can visit YouTube and various other websites on the home screen of Fire TV from Firefox web browser. Another blog post also promises the access to videos from various popular websites, including YouTube.

Amazon Fire TV subscribers, whose access to YouTube has been risked, all thanks to the ongoing feud between Google and Amazon, are taking a sigh of relief after the announcement. The issues began when Amazon decided to pull the Chromecast devices by Google from its stores, which resulted in Google blocking the access to YouTube on Echo Show by Amazon. While, Chromecasts have again made available on Amazon, the dispute is not likely to be over soon. Earlier this month, Amazon start selling Chromecast devices again; however, this only came after the threatening of Google to pull the access of YouTube from the Fire TV streaming range of Amazon. Google already blocked the access to YouTube through the Silk browser.

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