Mozilla Sued by Oath for Replacing Yahoo with Google as Default Search for Firefox

Published By : 07 Dec 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Oath, Yahoo’s parent company, has been suing Mozilla for terminating a long-term contract with the internet services organization on November 10. About three years before, Mozilla and Yahoo had entered into an agreement where the former was supposed to keep the latter as Firefox’s default search engine in the U.S. However, with the enhanced Quantum browser released last month, Firefox changed its default search provider (Yahoo) to Google. The web services provider has added that before filing a lawsuit against Mozilla, it had asked the company to rescind its termination notice and cure its breaches with immediate steps taken.

Firefox Holds 13% Market Share to Chrome’s 59% and Yahoo 12% to Google’s 63%

According to that lawsuit, Yahoo has been seeking unstated interest and money damages from Mozilla. However, Mozilla has claimed that it held the right to terminate the relationship as per the contract. The dispute has been expected to boil down to whether the concerns of Mozilla had been supported by evidence and been legitimate that it terminated the agreement. An excerpt from the factual allegations redacted in a filing by Mozilla has stated that Yahoo has consistently failed to keep up its search quality standards that it promised to maintain during the time of their initial agreement back in 2014.

As per third-party data cited by Mozilla, Firefox had lost its market share to Google Chrome during the term of the agreement. At least in part, the company has attributed this to Yahoo search. However, it has been likely that the search provider could blame issues with browser experience.

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