Motorola Announces Android O for Moto G4 after Backlash

Published By : 19 Sep 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Motorola have announced that their Moto G4 lineup will receive the Android Oreo update, though a fixed timeline has not been revealed. The decision comes on the back of significant backlash from user groups as well as technical experts over the lack of the G4 lineup in Motorola’s list of mobile devices that would receive Google’s latest Android update. The G4 devices are only a year old, and moreover had come with Motorola’s promise to deliver Android O to the lineup at the time of the launch. While Motorola has taken quick steps to remedy the situation, the trend seems to be a worrying one for Motorola, who have lost some of its market appeal following the split with Google.

Lenovo Move Puts Distance between Motorola, Google

Motorola had made a resurgent comeback in recent years on the back of promising mid-range smartphones backed by consistent support from Google in the form of security patches and regular software releases. The availability of constant support from Google elevated the Motorola G series into one of the most commercially successful mid-range devices in the market, as it gave the series a crucial advantage over companies using derivations of Android rather than the pure Android experience. However, following the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo, the former has shown signs of flagging off, with the better hardware specs offered by rivals starting to make a difference.

Cutting off the release of Android Oreo to a product line that is barely a year old seems exactly the kind of decision the company didn’t need to make, and though it has been revised, how the company handles its relationship with Google in the coming years should be interesting to watch.

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