Most Influntial Gadgets from CES 2015 so Far

Published By : 08 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is on, and revolutionary gadgets are being introduced every day. But some have risen well above the rest to be counted as the best and most influential among the vast collection. Here are some of the best upcoming products launched at the 2015 CES.

1. ThinkPad Stack from Lenovo: Lenovo’s ThinkPads are already among the most prized electronics products. The Chinese company has now come up with an innovative four-in-one module called Stack. Consisting of a hard drive, a Bluetooth speaker, a power bank, and a 4G access point, the Stack can then be connected wirelessly with a ThinkPad.

2. Intel Curie: Intel wasn’t to be left in the shadows at the Vegas expo. The chipset giant came up with Curie, a computer no larger than a button. The computer is expected to be Intel’s gateway into the expanding wearable tech market.

3. Dell XPS 13: Among Dell’s new and diverse range of laptops, the one that stood out was the XPS 13. Cutting down on bezel is still not a fully refined art even in the smartphone world, but Dell has already brought it to the world of laptops with this uniquely designed model. The XPS 13 fits a 13-inch screen in a body that wouldn’t ordinarily support it, thanks to minimization of bezel.

4. Panasonic Smart Mirror: The Smart Mirror modifies your reflection to try out various stylistic alterations. This one is sure to be a sure seller in beauty salons as well as households all over the world.
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