Most Ambitious Plan for Organic Food Undertaken by Denmark

Published By : 03 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Government in Denmark recently announced a plan which aims to double its organic farmland till 2020 and increases demand for organic food.

The organic retail sector in Denmark is one of the most developed in this world. In this market the organic products account for 8 per cent of the total grocery spending, as per the trade association Organic Denmark. The ne 67 point plan focuses strongly on growing the amount of organic food served in the public sector. This includes using more of organic ingredients in the 800 thousand meals served each in typical day care centers, hospitals, and government institutions.

The government of Denmark has in the past announced a 60 per cent organic goal for food served in its private institution. According to the Food and Agriculture Minister, to achieve their goals which are one of the most ambitious in the West undertaken so far, they need the public sector to lead the way.

However, this plan includes using guidelines to reach the government goal of almost doubling the amount of farmland which is dedicated to organic production by the end of the year 2020 with a baseline of 2007.

The government of Denmark has marked around 53.7 million euros under the plant to boost organic production and supply. These government proposals were welcomed by the Chairman of Organic Denmark on focusing improved yields, new plant varieties, marketing, and new sources of protein as well as new forms of financing to implement better conditions for organic farmers in Denmark.

The Denmark headquartered dairy and related ingredients Arla Foods has also welcomed this plan by stating that its sales of organic products of diary to Danish people in public setting catering kitchen has reached its highest since 2014 and almost 30 per cent during the past two years.
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